It still isn’t about you!

I’ve shared my rant on this before but it seems we never seem to learn from our mistakes. This is particularly true with the independent consultants/coaches and small businesses. They’re overly fixed on their accreditations, affiliations, and awards that none of the clients or potential clients care about.

Yet, we persist. Probably because there’s a tendency to get a little too attached or emotional about the outcome. Or you’re just desperate and either don’t feel good enough for the client or just feel like an imposter. Now, both are totally valid feelings but they’re simply not helping the situation.

So, what does? Knowing that the person in front of your has a problem that needs to be solved. Or perhaps not. Either way, the conversation will have more relevance if you simply focus on the problem to be solved rather than the rich experience and accreditations that you bring to the table.

Frankly, nobody gives a damn about you. And they never will! The only person they care about the most is themselves. So, get to know them better. Do a thorough research on the person, company, industry trends, and the major players to determine where the pain points are. This can single handedly change the entire narrative of your sales/discovery conversations.

But it’s a lot of work. Way much more than dishing out that overly rehearsed introduction of yours.

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