Build, grow, get fired, rinse, and repeat!

That’s precisely what a great leader (or even a great coach) would do. Each time and every time. Besides, I hate the idea of being up there at the top perpetually. Not only is that damn boring but it’s also a testimony to the fact that I haven’t done enough to build the people around me.

And if I haven’t done that how effective have I been as a leader. In my opinion, not much. I think our biggest responsibility as leaders is to help the people around us transition from the following stages:

Being dependent >> interdependent >> competent leader >> independent leader

The final stage is where you pass the baton to the leaders who in turn start building their teams of leaders and the cycle continues. That’s what building a leadership pipeline looks like.

But what about you? If you’re asking this, perhaps you aren’t there yet. You see, before you can lead others, you’ve got to lead yourself and wholly understand your mission and purpose as a leader — which is to build yourself first, help others to build themselves, and the ones around them.

If you’re still curious, you will simply repeat the process with some other department or sub-organisation within your company. Or look for a new opportunity with some other company (or get fired?), now that you’ve build enough credibility and have a strong track record as a leader. Great organisations need people like you!

The key idea is to leave things better than you found them. You will know it when you’ve reached that stage as your presence will be optional. Sure, it would hard for many to take it but that, my friend, is the true measure of success as a leader and a coach.

By Sunil Nair

Nurturing leaders of tomorrow.

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