The best revenge still is to live well

What happens when you share a post or put up a “story” on the socials that’s meant for someone specific but ends up being read by many? (A natural consequence of posting anything on the socials.) Besides grabbing attention or getting conversation started with the rest of the world, I think you miss out on a great opportunity to have a heart-to-heart with the person who matters the most.

Or perhaps, they don’t matter to you anymore. That’s cool! But if that is the case, why even even bother wasting your energy on them? Who are you trying to prove? To yourself or the rest of the world? Or this person? And for what?

I believe we waste an immense amount of energy trying to prove it to the world that we’re good enough or we can handle it. And that’s exactly what has got us to where we are right now! Sure, it’s complicated and I couldn’t possibly understand. Maybe. But then how are the stories or posts helping?

Of course, I’m not against any of this. I would say 95% of the content on the socials are informative in someway or the other. The other 5% is what reveals the dark side of human nature. (That sounded a little too dramatic, right?) What pains me is this growing divide between two human beings who hate each other or just can’t communicate. And for some reason they’re convinced posting quotes is going to help them understand (or even forget) each other?

Technology is a great enabler for the ones who’re actively seeking a positive outcome. For the rest, all that tech merely exposes our vulnerabilities.

The alternative is to live well. That’s a lot of “doing” instead of saying or showing. Be patient, you’ll get there eventually.

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