Fall in love with your dreams, not plans

The number one reason why people give up on their dreams is because their plans aren’t working. Read that line once again. And perhaps, one more time.

If you’re thinking right, you would agree that giving up your dreams due to faulty plans sounds utterly stupid. Yet, so many people do just that! Why? Because it’s so much easier to say, “it didn’t work out” based on your own anecdotal evidence. You tried your best after all, right?

Think of that one person who inspires you the most. Now imagine them saying, “oh, it didn’t work out. I tried and failed. So, I’ll just give up and do what normal people do.” Do you think you would still admire them for who they are? Chances are, the answer is a definite no.

And it’s ironical that there’s so much more definiteness to your “no” than the plans to achieve your dreams. That’s the bitter truth. We all have dreams and ambitions but our plans to achieve them are far from formidable. Most either don’t commit to their plans fully or give up at the very first sign of defeat!

One great insight I’ve had over years of planning is that I can’t ever come up with a perfect one. Regardless of the time I invest in to make it feel and sound perfect, the execution will be far from it. In fact, I’ve had near-perfect plans drive my project, company, and even life down the drains!

Thankfully, that didn’t make me give up on my dreams. Why? I believed in it. But also because I believe flexibility in planning is a great asset, although grossly overlooked.

The principle is simple — if the plans aren’t working, change them. Make a better one. If that doesn’t work, make another, then another, and keep doing it until you figure out a plan that actually works. This takes time, effort, and an unshakable belief in your dreams. You’ve got to adopt a scientist’s mindset — constantly tweaking and experimenting with the plans to achieve the desired outcome. And you keep at it until you’ve achieved it.

It’s exactly how it sounds — tough. Perhaps, brutal. Remember that if achieve dreams were easy, everyone would be doing it. That said, instead of wasting your energies justifying why chasing your dreams is a stupid idea, channelise your energies into definite plans the do work.

Falling in love with your plans is a bad idea. Think of them as footwear and your dreams as the destination. The likelihood of you finding a perfect pair is quite low. Even the ones you thought were perfect turn out to be not-so-good or just functional enough for a little while before you change it for another pair.

Or perhaps, you’re among the lucky ones who do find a perfect fit but that journey towards your dreams is so damn long! You’ll wear it out way before you know it. What do you do then? Find a new pair and keep walking. That’s life, my friend.

Stay disciplined with your plans until they stop working. And when they do, change the plan, not your dreams.

P.S. Yeah, yeah, I know, this sounds woo-woo… but there’s no denying that as humans we can’t help but set and have dreams for ourselves. I’ve got one and so do you. If this resonates with you, pass it along to a friend who needs to hear this.

P.P.S. Just the kind of thing you’ll hear from me when love’s in the air, right? (Hey, so is, Coronavirus! Be safe!)

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