I get knocked out but I get up again…

Participating in ADCC India Nationals 2020 wasn’t just memorable but also quite a leap by all standards. It was one of my first sporting competitions in years and besides all that preparation certainly helped me expand my skills as a jiu-jitsu practitioners to the next level. I think I learned more about the art in the past month and a half than all the months previously.

That said, the competition was tough. My training and overall experience fell short of my expectations. Mike tyson said it well, “everyone’s got a plan until they get punched.” And although I didn’t get submitted (equivalent of getting knocked out cold by a punch or tapping out by a choke), I couldn’t do much to contain and submit my opponent either. It would have been a draw in a submission-only tournament but then, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

One of the most profound lessons I learned was just the same you’ve been hearing from me for ages (if you’ve been following this blog for some time): learn the fundamentals, lay a solid foundation, and build your way up from there. In fact, I realised that I don’t even know all the fundamentals to even confidently say that I “get it.” Knowing it and getting it are two different things. Right now, I just know the fundamentals.

So, I did what I usually do after such experiences — I journaled. And I drew up a 6-month plan that details out each and every aspect of the art that I want to focus on. It’s not a lot but just the fundamentals and a few concepts that have a great carryover to the next levels (blue belt and onwards). All I need to do is to stick with the plan.

Experiences like these propel you to greater heights. They expose your vulnerabilities and often direct you to the path you need to take. And that’s where I’m head to right now.

Onwards to the next event later this year.

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