Believe me, it takes time…

One of the most popular questions I get to hear is a variant of “when will I get to where I want to be?” My response is almost always, “start small, put in the time, and consistently show up.” Let me tell you — people hate that advice!

And as much as I would love to share an alternate tactic or a hack that might shorten the journey (the “curve”), I cannot because none exist. Yes, I know, there’s the an entire industry that thrives on helping you “shorten the curve” or “go from zero to six-figures in 90 days.” They don’t work. Period.

Not because the program don’t provide any value. They do. It’s just a lot of hard work. Way more than you’re mentally and emotionally prepared to do. And that’s because we’re basically expecting a magic pill to arrive at our doorsteps as we punch in our credit card numbers. You know what happens next, don’t you?

Most content creators fail to admit the fact that implementing their ideas take time, patience, and a lot of discipline. I said “most” for a reason because I certainly know a bunch that believes in ethical selling. I’m one of them and firmly believe in not selling “shortcuts” to my potential clients. None exists.

And this needs to be part of resetting our expectations — we need to understand that money wouldn’t buy us shortcuts. Only ideas that can be implemented with a clear understanding that it may not work or just might take more than 90 days to just get started with the very first step, let alone have profits roll in.

Our impatience just might ruin it for us — it sure did for me, if only for a brief while. I don’t think there’s a way around starting small and putting in the time. Results will come over time but only if we’re committed to develop the patience and discipline to show up consistently and do the work.

I believe that sooner or later the world will catch up with you and the work that you do. Just keep at it without any expectations. You got started with your passion to make a difference not a quick buck, right? Keep at it. And remember that success, improvement, and all the great things in life come to us over time not overnight.

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