The “Ex” factor

It’s fascinating to see countless LinkedIn profiles literally screaming Ex-Citi, Ex-Google, Ex-Facebook, Ex-Tesla, and Ex-whatever. I’ve never been able to understand the key reason why people might think it’s appropriate to add these “exes” to their headings.

Do we really think it enhances our personal brand compared to others considering all things being equal? On the contrary, I think clinging on to our “exes” won’t serve us any good except, perhaps, get our foot in the door. But the question is how long are you going to have your “exes” do the work for you?

You might want to consider the things you can do right now to shake things up, create an impact, and make a difference. I believe that is the kind of work that gets you past that door and maybe even a seat at the table.

Your work will speak volumes about your calibre than your affiliations and/or pedigree.

By Sunil Nair

Nurturing leaders of tomorrow.

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