Your self-worth isn’t the same as your LinkedIn network

A few minute after the brief introduction I asked this potential candidates for a sales position, “What achievements in the past you think can help you perform better at this role?

She mentioned the usual and then this, “I also have 40,000 LinkedIn contacts. That’s something most people in my circle can’t even think of. And I believe that sort of achievement requires relationship-building ability and a lot of persistence.

Wow, 40,000 candidates?” I couldn’t help but go back to the LinkedIn application (it was a telephonic interview) which lists the number of contacts and recommendations received. And she was correct. “That’s impressive… but how come you don’t have even a single recommendation? Are you saying you know 40,000 people but none of them would find the time to recommend you?

As you can imagine, the interview was over shortly after that.

I think the best decision you can take right here, right now is to not let the number of LinkedIn connections, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram followers get to your head or let them become part of your self-worth. You are much more than your connections and followers. And if you don’t believe that, it will show in those critical conversations that can make or break your career.

In fact, I dare you to be bold enough to let go (as in delete) your social profiles and be okay with it. In 2020 and beyond, if you can do that, you have truly arrived. Of course, to reach at this level calls for a lot of inner work, patience, and deliberation. It won’t happen overnight, but work on it, and you sure will get there.

I don’t give a rat’s butt about your number of connections but what people have to say about you when they know you’re not listening. Particularly, your previous bosses. Would they say the same what your “references” say about you? That, my friend, is real power. Work to achieve that and you will walk much freer, bolder, and confident.

Like I said, make this one of your “work in progress” projects. It’ll be worth the time.

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