What you’re not aware of controls you…

Someone wise once said, “the first call of leadership is identifying reality.” And you do that by gaining knowledge and insights about your situation, surroundings, and most importantly yourself. This last bit seems to be missing in pursuit of knowledge acquisition. Why? Mere knowledge is only potential power, waiting to be tapped into.

Having a strong “why” behind what you’re trying to understand, learn, and pursue clarifies your intentions and sets you up on the right course. You can attend countless seminars, read books/articles/news on a given subject or binge watch videos on YouTube or Udemy it doesn’t help because you don’t have clear direction on where to go or what to do with all that you know.

Believe me, your peers, bosses, clients or family don’t care about what you know but what you do. Thus it’s important to know what makes you care so much about what you want to know. It’s like beginning with the end in mind — you’re more aware of what you want to know and hence in control of what you want to achieve.

Contrast that to just letting yourself swept away by the avalanche of information out there, can you ever feel in control? Take charge.

By Sunil Nair

Nurturing leaders of tomorrow.

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