How do we become more?

As one of the most frequently asked questions that I ask myself, I can tell you, there’s no easy answer. Contrary to the popular notion, having a game plan isn’t enough.

From my experience as a professional coach and in addition to what I’ve learned from my mentors, becoming “more” isn’t just a thought or an act, it’s a process that requires commitment, patience, and perseverance. Chris Robinson has a powerful 4-step process to create a game plan that actually works. They’re as follows:

1. You have to see more: get clarity on what you and where you want to be. You can’t afford to be a wandering generality and hope to get where you want to. Be a meaningful specific instead who’s focused and can clearly see the path ahead.
2. Be consistent: you have the world’s most robust plan and still not make progress. That’s happened to all of us. The key is to make progress by working everyday towards your coveted goal. Start small. Engage someone else for accountability. Get a coach or a mentor if you can afford one. But most importantly dedicate yourself to the plan instead of dabbling with it for a few days only to resign because “it doesn’t seem to work.”
3. Don’t settle for the average: we won’t ever be able to outperform our own self-belief. It’s important to free ourselves of our self-limiting beliefs and aim higher. The question isn’t “can I?” but “how can I?” It’s a fact that most people spend their entires lives trying to be average because they can’t seem to see anything further. That’s why “seeing more” is so critical.
4. Attitudes and actions must line up: you’ve got to walk your talk. Period. If you want to buy New York Jets and are reading this piece, well, you screwed up a long time ago! (I’ve also written an post about this.)

Given that CoronaVirus has taken over our lives, now might be a great time to reassess your priorities and figure out what it’ll take you to be more in work and life.

By Sunil Nair

Nurturing leaders of tomorrow.

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