One world together at home!

I got to know about Global Citizen’s One World Together At Home through a friend and was quite intrigued. I looked it up and realised that the whole fundraiser is up online! The online event has some of the most creative artists play music while sheltered at home! And I literally thought of this idea last week while training (and enjoying good old Metallica)! Unfortunately, I don’t have the skills to play a guitar, drums, or do vocals. But you don’t need any of those to enjoy good music. Here’s the entire concert (well, of sorts, I found this so much more enjoyable than a full-fledged concert) for your pleasure:

One World: Together at Home

And here’s one of my favourite Rolling Stones song from the event:

You can’t always get what you want — Rolling Stones

And while we’re talking about remarkable experiences, check out this “remarkable” documentary by Jerry Hyde and Mai Hua on Meetings with Remarkable Men. It’s different and so darn insightful. If you can take out an hour today, I highly (highly, highly, highly, and highly) recommend that you watch this wonderful documentary titled “Meetings with Remarkable Men.”

For just 60 minutes, put the individual and gender differences aside and take a peek inside a particular men’s intervention group that’s been meeting for 19 years. I found it quite relevant to the time and age we’re living in.

Share this further with your friends and family. It’s available for free till the 24th of April. (Hat tip to Swiss Miss for the recommendation.)

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