Don’t ever get comfortable

The greatest leaders of all time have one thing in common — they never settle for the comfortable or what felt familiar. Why? Because that’s a recipe for mediocrity. Period.

Loved this 2018 ad-copy by American Giant that immaculately defines what being comfortable really means to leaders.

Comfortable isn’t comfortable

Comfortable never got up before dawn

Comfortable won’t get its hands dirty

Comfortable has nothing to prove

Comfortable can’t get the job done

Comfortable doesn’t have new ideas

Comfortable won’t dive in head first

Comfortable isn’t the American dream*

Comfortable has no guts Comfortable never dares to be great

Comfortable falls apart at the seams Don’t get comfortable!

American Giant

And here’s the video:

Don’t get comfortable — American Giant

If that made you uncomfortable, great! It’s your opportunity to seize new opportunities, get creative, learn something new, and grow as a leader.

P.S.* it isn’t just about the American dream… but each of our dreams, regardless of our nationalities.

By Sunil Nair

Nurturing leaders of tomorrow.

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