The meditative brew

I woke up an hour earlier than usual this morning and felt this strong urge to make coffee. So, I made myself a cup of artisan pour over coffee using freshly roasted beans that I ground myself using the manual grinder. Believe me, it takes some effort but is deeply soul-satisfying.

I settled myself into my recliner, opened my laptop (but there was no internet), picked up the mug, took in the aroma, and sipped… pure bliss with a hint of dark chocolate, figs, and roasted almonds. No, I didn’t add these to my java! The beans naturally gave out this flavour but I’d never allowed my senses to take it all in until this morning.

I couldn’t help but close my laptop and just savour my coffee. Taking it all in. It felt different. Meditative. And I wonder why haven’t I been able to experience this before. Could it be that we’re too busy to pause for a moment until we schedule it into our calendar? Like meditation?

It’s amusing to see the world turning to mindfulness and spiritualism hoping to get a grip on our lives and yet, struggling to find few brief moments to just savour our coffee (or tea, or even beer for that matter!). How hard is it for us to just pause for a few minutes and just be in the moment?

Could this be an alternative to meditation? I don’t think so. But it sure does feel the closest alternative to be in that meditative state. You don’t have to schedule it in. You don’t have to try too hard. You don’t have to worry about your posture or breathing.

Just be present and savour it in. We call it living in the moment. A few sips at a time.

P.S. Here’s my morning meditative brew recipe in case you’re keen to practice at home:


  1. Fresh coffee beans (any variant would do but I prefer the extra dark roast peaberry) – 25 grams or 2.5 standard size coffee tablespoons
  2. Pourover coffeemaker (I use a Hario v60 kit but you can simply get the v60 dripper, some paper filter and be done with it)
  3. Paper filter (Hario v60, #2)
  4. Filtered water
  5. Water kettle
  6. Coffee grinder (Hario manual grinder) — ensure that you have set it for a “medium” grind

Follow the instructions from the good folks at BlueBottle Coffee for the main prep.

By Sunil Nair

Nurturing leaders of tomorrow.

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