Overcoming the fear of being “wrong”

We know fear can stop us dead in the tracks… literally and figuratively. It’s what stops most of us from achieving anything significant in life, let alone greatness. Sure acknowledging your fears is a great start but that isn’t going to help you get past it.

What do you do then? I love what Brian Hardy has to say about this:

If you have a fear of being wrong, then you’re not going to move forward. The truth is, you’ll never actually be fully “right.” The best thing you can do is courageously move the direction you want to go. As you progress, build confidence and skills, you’ll look back on your former self and realize how far you’ve come. You’ll be grateful for the courageous and imperfect steps your former self took.

On the same token, who you are right now is temporary. Your future self will see things differently. I recently wrote a book, Personality Isn’t Permanent. My future self may disagree with what I wrote, or in the least, see things from a better perspective. That’s actually my hope and expectation — that my future self will see things better and be able to make “finer distinctions.”

Therefore, stop worrying about being wrong. Instead, be “anxiously engaged in a good cause.” Try your best. Fail forward. Keep moving. Expect everything and attach to nothing. Your future self is more important than your current self.

How To Overcome Your Fear of Being Wrong

The fact that we will never exactly be right is reassuring as it allows us to discover who we really are. The path might be difficult and will have us experiment, experience failures, make adjustments, and then some more until we get it right. But that’s the process. That’s life.

The question is if we would be willing to let the fear of being “wrong” get in the way of getting things right, eventually.

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