Why you need a coach?

There must be a gazillion articles and videos on why you (or everyone) need(s) a coach or a mentor/teacher for a fulfilling life. But this short chat between Ryan Holiday and Coby Karl in my opinion is probably the best testimonial to why anyone would need a coach/mentor/teacher in life.

Ryan Holiday and Coby Karl — To Become Wise, You Must Have a Teacher

While it may seem ironical, as a leadership development coach myself, I’ve gained immensely by having a coach over the years. And it amuses me to the bones when I see a hotshot “life-coach” posting a vlog on how he’s learned life’s greatest lessons in the trenches. As if he fell off of an encyclopaedia truck.

When it comes to experiences — we’ve all got plenty. But mere experience doesn’t transform into wisdom unless you evaluate it and that’s what teachers help us do. They push us to expand our minds through powerful reflection and deliberation.

Irrespective of our level of skill, experience, and expertise, we all need teachers to make the most of the limited time we have this lifetime.

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