A framework for leading in crises

Last evening I kicked-off my first-ever public 4-week mastermind workshop (tonight was my second one)! It was way more fun and insightful that I’d imagined. At least compared to the facilitating private masterminds I’ve been facilitating for profit and non-profit organizations the past couple of years. Not that there’s anything wrong with that audience! I just feel the learnings and insights can at times be limited to the organizational challenges than anything else.

In fact, the best workshops have been the ones in which participants chose to bring in ideas and insights from outside of their organizations than what’s common knowledge. That observation compelled me to try hosting a public mastermind workshop. And boy, I was damn right! Having a group of independent participants (who aren’t sponsored by their organization) made a massive difference.

And since the workshop was on Leading Through Crises, we shared and deliberated on John Maxwell’s teachings on the topic. One of the participants, Derek, shared a powerful insight I found worth sharing. He believes any crisis can be best dealt with if people are observant, vigilant, prepared, and constant.

Let me elaborate:

  1. Being observant: requires one to stay alert so they can notice the trends, patterns, and shifts around them. The awareness basically allows them to analyze, plan, and strategize accordingly.
  2. Being vigilant: is an extension of the above. The idea is to keep an eye on the potential dangers or difficulties that may stop you dead in the tracks.
  3. Being prepared: is about putting your thesis from being observant and vigilant, and get it ready for implementation. The strongest, wisest, and the noblest of people have lost some of their lives easiest battles due to lack of preparation.
  4. Being constant: failures and crises are an event. And reoccurring ones at that. The proven way to lead through any crisis is to keep being observant, vigilant, and prepared at all times. It’s a cyclical process that never stops in the life of a leader.

That right there is a great framework to lead in crises! Born out of a simple conversation on how leaders can thrive in crises. And the best part is that you can plug and play into the situation you’re leading right now!

If you would like to part of many such conversations in future, keep an eye out of my next Leading Through Crises mastermind programs in July 2020. Alternatively, drop me a link expressing interest and I shall reserve a seat the moment I get the registration page live.

By Sunil Nair

Nurturing leaders of tomorrow.

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