Communicate don’t retaliate

Tensions between two of the most powerful nations is never a great idea. An Indo-China strife is possibly the worst! And if neither of the governments take measures to facilitate communication around the burning issue, a territorial war is imminent.

The leaders, I believe, should put their egos aside and talk. Yes, we’ve lost precious lives over the past several days but risking thousands of others doesn’t make any sense! This isn’t the time to justify who’s right or wrong but to have a dialog and mutually agree on a way forward.

What worries me the most is how the Indian public and leaders react to situations like this. Of course, it’s grave and needs attention. But if we want peace, we’ve got to be unconditionally working towards that. Irrespective of what the opposition’s approach might be. There’s no room for “fitting replies” as it’s only going to escalate the problem at hand.

The world doesn’t need another war, we’re already fighting COVID-19.

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