Folks, can we get real?

I noticed people reacting to my thoughts on the need to communicate than retaliate to the Indo-China situation. And I wanted to acknowledge and respect their opinion on this situation. They’ve been hurt and are deeply concerned on what’s going on. That said, I don’t think there’s a better alternative to than talk this out. War is never the answer.

Speaking of which, I noticed that a lot (I mean a LOT, we’re talking about India after all) of people are un-installing China-made apps, devices, and what not. They’re also encouraging others to do the same “if you love the country” or “to pay homage to the lives lost.” And while I’m just as much a patriot as the any other citizen, I’m not dumb!

I have no freaking clue where did people get this idea that “bycotting” these “made-in-China” products and services will bring their economy down. I mean think about it — our apps, phones, computers, IT peripherals, appliances, furniture, vehicles, and god knows what not, are either wholly made in China or have components that are. And if we literally dump these things… how the hell are we going to work? Or live? Or eat? Or do anything?

If anything, our economy is going down! And the ones to be blamed are us and our stupidity.

The big question is this: would boycotting anything that’s Chinese-made help us get back the 60 square kilometers of land they’ve acquired (or we’ve acquired, at least that’s what they’re thinking)? Or bring back the dead? I’m cock sure, this is exactly what the Chinese are thinking… except that they don’t have to worry about banning any of the made in India products. We don’t have any that’s useful to them.

Our actions (or gimmicks) won’t mean a ding in the bigger scheme of things or the outcome of this situation except making a mockery of ourselves.

Can we get real? Please? Perhaps, we can start with boycotting uncivilized behavior and using our heads.

By Sunil Nair

Nurturing leaders of tomorrow.

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