When should you make a shift during a time of a crises?

Year 2020 has taught nations, organizations, and individuals a great lesson — you can neither conform nor can you get complacent in a crises. And if leaders hope to endure this turmoil and emerge stronger, they need to adapt to the changing circumstances.

Think of all the great sports coaches — they all have a game plan but know that they will have to make changes or adjustments as the game progresses. They understand that adapting to the changing circumstances and finding proactive solutions is what creates momentum. It’s what helps them win games.

Leading in crises isn’t any different. While you and I may have a solid plan in place, we need to be okay with making adjustments, changes, and tweaks as we follow along the plan. And I also think knowing when to shift is equally important.

Leaders have a tendency to respect and stick to a plan until they feel some thing needs to change. For me, a prominent sign to make shifts is when I find my peers, people (team) and loved ones to be under undue stress or are plain worried about something I did.

And any delay on my part only makes the matter worse. So, I make changes to my plans and adapt to the changing circumstances.

Believe me, it’s not as easy as it sounds. But it’s way harder to remain unchanged and get destroyed by a crises.

By Sunil Nair

Nurturing leaders of tomorrow.

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