Sticking it out… no matter what

I concluded my first ever public mastermind workshop last weekend. Actually, I had two groups one meeting on Saturday and another on Sunday. And I must say this — I loved each and every moment of it, despite the disappointing participation.

I know, that’s to except during the times when everyone’s so exhausted with Zoom calls and an overloaded calendar that never stops taking in appointments unless you have a mechanism in place. But one can’t help but think negatively. So, I did. With 22 sign-ups, I was looking forward to meeting them and adding value. And the way I’d designed the workshop — more people was way better than less.

That, of course, didn’t happen. I had one participant in each of the groups who cared to attend three of the four sessions. Three other people showed up randomly in different sessions but that was it! I had to move past the disappointment and focus on adding value by sharing the best content I can to that one person who did show up. And it felt so damn good! It was as if I was made to do what I have been relentlessly pursuing the past 10 years.

It’s funny how life makes you experience these weird situations to reflect, reaffirm, or reminisce the decisions you’ve made. For most, this might have been a big failure but for the two participants who did attend it mean the world to them. One of them sent me a note last night:

This was a keeper for many reasons but most importantly, it helped me reassess what was going on and reminded me to stick it out till I make it. I’ve gone through this already a decade back when I started my teaching and coaching business. It was tough to get an audience in the corporate setting just like it is right now to get people’s attention.

Like John Maxwell says, “everything worthwhile is uphill.” And I can’t stop pushing now, I’ve got to keep going up until I get there.

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