Own your outcomes

Two aspects of life that I find undeniably universal:

  1. The circumstances that we’re born into (family, wealth, or status), accidents, illnesses, and natural catastrophes are beyond our influence or control.
  2. Our lives can be so much better if we only focus on the decisions we make and the responsibilities we take for the outcomes (whether we like it or not).

The grand design of life is such that we get countless opportunities to experiment, fail, learn, and do it all over again. It’s cycle that ensures even the worst circumstances are made better so long as we’re willing to find the right approach.

But owning up is damn difficult because the alternatives — whining, complaining, and blaming — look easy. Unfortunately, people who resort to these alternatives are neither happy people nor successful. Because if you aspire success, you will be making plenty of messes and taking responsibility instead of complaining is what allows you to move with speed.

And if you can move with speed, I believe you have developed an ‘internal locus of control’ that psychologists is the key to outstanding performance. Now, isn’t that worth having? All it takes is for you to have the courage to own it up and get comfortable with it.

I don’t think there’s any other secret of success to be found.

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