How we do things is how we view things

Leading in crises isn’t an easy task. And its so darn easy to get swayed away by all the chaos surrounding us. Leaders have a difficult job of finding hope amidst all the chaos, fear, and uncertainty.

John Maxwell says, “our perspective determines our actions, which determines our influence.” It is up to the leaders to guard their perspectives despite all the negativity around them. That’s how they’re able to champion innovation, collaboration, and most importantly finding soultions to combat the problem at hand.

Just a few months back things were looking hopeless. It seemed the world was going to end. The increasing number of cases and the rising death counts made this world a grim place to be in. But that didn’t stop the world leaders to come together and think of ways to deal with the situation. Of course, some of these solutions weren’t perfect, some even backfired, but the failures only helped the leaders emerge stronger!

Whilst the numbers are still on the rise, a myriad of companies have initiated vaccine trials for COVID. Heck, some of the most powerful pharmaceutical firms (competitors, really) have joined hands to create a solution that will essentially free the world from COVID! None of that could have happened without leaders having the right perspective.

The right leadership provides hope for a better future. And this isn’t limited to just leading through crises but also leadership in general at any level.

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