The law of polarity

Everything in the universe has its opposite: hot-cold, left-right, good-bad, inside-outside, front-back, rich-poor, beautiful-ugly, dark-bright, up-down so on and so forth. This law states that everything has its equal and opposite state. If you move forward by 3 feet, it would be 3 feet away from your starting point. No more and no less. That’s just the way it is.

And if you wish to apply this law to your life, you need to reflect on the following:

  1. Everything that you see, touch, and hear was created twice. Once in the mind and then in the physical plane when you experienced it first. For example: this keyboard that I’m typing wasn’t just magically placed on my table (thanks, Amazon!). Someone had to imagine this keyboard, it’s set up — the curves, keys, lights, pressure, sound — in their minds before creating a blueprint and building that prototype.
  2. If you are already earning $50,000 per year and the thought of doubling that ($100,000) scares you, it’s only because your default thinking is that “you can’t do it.” But you couldn’t have possibly thought of the $100,000 if the spiritual intelligence hadn’t nudged you to think above and beyond your potential. And for all we know, the spiritual intelligence has boundless potential! Yet, we talk ourselves out to the idea thinking it can’t be done. In fact, we go out of the way to come up with reasons why it can’t be!

Here’s a question you should be thinking about — if you can come up with all the reasons why you can’t, can you not come up with reasons why you can? I’m pretty sure we all can. What are those reasons? And what do we need to fulfill those reasons? Mere awareness of these reasons will help you strengthen your conviction that you can.

I remember reading about Henry Ford who was hell bent on producing the famous V8 engine ignoring all the resistance from his staff of engineers who believed building an entire eight cylinders cast in one block was impossible! Ford asked them to put the design on paper anyway. And they did but still said, “it can’t be done!” To which, Ford replied, “well, produce it anyway.”

That right there was the law of polarity in action. I’m not sure if Ford knew these laws but he understood them well enough to get the impossible done.

What reasons have you convinced that something can’t be done in your life? What are the reasons you think can help you achieve that very same thing?

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