The Law of Vibration

The law of vibration is basically the law of attraction minus all the marketing and hype around it. What hype? Well, there’s a significant population thinking that intentionally wishing about the things they want will manifest in reality. It’s not that simple, folks! Let me be clear — you can’t wish and hope to live a fulfilled life. You’ve to to work on it. And that applies to all the laws in this series.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, let’s get back to the topic.

The law of vibration, decrees that everything moves and nothing rests. Everything, from the smallest atomic particle to the tallest of skyscrapers, is in a constant state of motion. And motion is energy, like our thoughts. And as our thoughts change, so does our energy.

Think about the last time you told yourself or someone else, “I’m not getting a good vibe about this/from that person.” Remember? That feeling is the awareness of our conscious vibration.

If you’re wondering what your feelings have to do with the law of vibration or your life, you’ll be surprised when I tell you this — everything! There’s a deep connection between how you feel and what you attract, which essentially controls what you are able to achieve in life. How? Well, if you don’t feel like doing something the chances are pretty high that you’re not going to do it. And if you’re not going to do anything, you can’t possibly expect any results, can you?

I once heard Paul Martinelli, one of my mentors, say (something on these lines) “every thought you have has a calibrated frequency or a rate of vibration. And every once in a while you get a “blip,” when your thoughts elevate to a higher level of frequency. The challenge is that we don’t stay at this frequency long enough. In fact, the moment an idea comes, we just kill it!”

The major concept of this law is to harness that frequency — by meeting people who’re at the level you would like to reach or reading books by such people or revisiting the idea often to become familiar and comfortable with it. That’s how you bring that unique thought of yours from the sub-conscious to your consciousness. And when you do that, the likelihood of you working towards that goal goes much higher. That’s how we end up achieving goals that initially seemed far-fetched.

Of course, the key words still remain — you’ve-got-to-work-for-it!

Here’s a brief explanation by Bob Proctor that you might enjoy:

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