The law of gender

Truth isn’t always in the appearance of things. Take the case of bamboo tree, they are the fastest growing plants in the world! Some species of bamboo can grow up to 36 inches within a 24-hour period! That’s almost an inch and a half every hour! But all that growth happens at the root level. A 5-year-old planting a bamboo tree wouldn’t know that. All he cares about is planting the seeds and seeing a bamboo tree the next day, which obviously he wouldn’t see. At least until the time he turns 9 or 10!

The law of Gender works in a similar way. It states that all ideas are spiritual seeds having a gestation or incubation period before they manifest. So, when you think about your goal and start working towards it, a definite period of time must pass before you realize it.

Of course, there’s no way of knowing just how definite this time line is. Simply because energy is required for anything to grow. And our thoughts and ideas thrive on energy that we give them. The challenge is that we don’t focus on giving energy enough. It’s scattered, unfocused, and irregular, which naturally extends the gestation period.

And to top this all, you can’t help but think if it’s all worth it at all! We’re frustrated because nothing seems to be working and are busy either blaming others (people, situation, circumstances) or worse, ask for other people’s opinion. As you can tell what happens then, right? Nothing!

Here’s why — we’re leaking energy. Instead of concentration on our thoughts and ideas, we’re focusing on the aspects that don’t really have any consequences over the long term. Focusing on your ideas intensifies the energy and hence increases the chances of it manifesting faster. That doesn’t mean tomorrow but it sure won’t take forever.

Understanding this law means you’ll stop trying to “work-around” the gestation period and instead just focus on harnessing your energy into your thoughts and ideas. Meaning, you’ll focus on doing the work than worrying about the results. That’s the beauty of this law — it makes you stay in the game and keep at it until you win and then some.

You’ve just got to be patient and trust the process.

Here’s a brief explanation by Bob Proctor that you might enjoy:

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