The law of rhythm

Rhythm is the ebb and flow of all energy in the universe. Everything moving to and fro, flowing in and out, swinging forwards or backwards are all governed by the law of the rhythm. Oh, yes, let’s not forget the rising and setting of the sun, moon, tides or the change of seasons (summers to winters)! This law is predictable and demonstrates that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Remember the times when you don’t feel like doing it despite knowing how important it is for you? I, for one, haven’t been regularly posting everyday despite making the effort to write every single day! All I need to do is post but there’s a lot going on and most days, I just don’t feel like it! Likewise, you’ll find yourself experiencing resistance, which may not have anything to do with laziness but the fact that you’re perhaps, burned out.

You can’t be feeling good at all times. Nobody does. And it’s because of those “lows” you know what it means to be on a “high.” That’s the law of rhythm at work, which means you’ve got to be more respectful of how you’re feeling. If your heart’s not into it, allow yourself some grace. Take a break, be gentle to yourself to be in harmony with the law.

Resistance will only take you so far. I know I’ve resisted this law of the longest time and have paid the price. Many times over. More than you would ever know. But now that I know better, chances are, I won’t kill myself by overdoing anything that’s doesn’t feel normal.

That said, don’t let living in harmony with the law become an excuse for procrastination. The big questions you should be asking often include:

  1. Have I done all I know to make this work at the highest level to move further? (This is an objective question and your responses need to be recorded so you are aware of the gaps you need to close in when you get back into the rhythm.)
  2. Am I willing to do what’s necessary? If yes, when?
  3. Am I able to do so? (Fundamentally, yes, because we all have infinite potential. But if there are some technicalities stopping you from progressing, you will need to address them head-on for you to move further.)

Life isn’t about staying ready and raring to go at all times. There are peaks and valleys to every aspect of our lives. We’ve got to acknowledge and respect it.

Here’s a brief explanation by Bob Proctor that you might enjoy:

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