The law of perpetual transmutation

This is the most important of all laws as it explains the creative process of the universe. Think about it — everything that we feel, see, hear, smell, taste and touch are essentially manifestation of energy. We already know that energy is constantly in motion and cannot be created or destroyed. And our thoughts are energy, meaning any idea that is held in the mind are expressed through our bodies by acting on it and producing a result.

Irrespective of who you are and what stage of life you’re at, this is something we all do every single day. It may or may not be productive based on what happens at the ideation stage. For example: if we get an idea for a new business, our default reaction is to reject it saying “it can’t be done.” Or worse,we run it by our friends or family for validation only to solidify the reasons why it’s impossible for the idea to succeed. The result: we kill the seed before it germinates.

Instead of shutting yourself down or getting the idea validated, why can’t you keep your mouth shut and ask the following questions:

  1. Where did this idea come from?
  2. What’s the source?
  3. Where was this idea all along?

You know how much I love to dig down to figure out the root cause. The last time I did this exercise, from the lens of this law, I realized that my idea doesn’t really have a source. Of course, it didn’t make sense but I really couldn’t pin it down to a single source. Perhaps, it was metaphysical or a spiritual source? I don’t know. But then, when you to analyze everything deeply you are reminded that ideas are basically thoughts and thoughts are energy, which can’t be created or destroyed. So, the source have to be something that’s beyond us.

And mind you, ideas don’t have to be unique. They can be “inspired” by someone. But again, the word inspired means from within. It’s absurd to say the idea was in your lungs all along. Come on! The fact is that we don’t truly create any of the ideas that comes to us. We only become aware of it when we’re ready for it. The key is to not reject it outright and instead find the source and evaluate it to figure out how you can act on it.

Mind you, your ideas don’t have to be a hit because there’s a high likelihood that you’ll stumble into something more creative as you work towards manifesting your thoughts to physical reality.

Here’s a brief explanation by Bob Proctor that you might enjoy:

P.S. This concludes The 7 Universal Laws of Success series. I had fun but most importantly a great opportunity to understand and study these laws. I plan to revisit them later during the year as I’m pretty sure I would have deeper insights by then.

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