The keys to happiness

I’ve thought about this long enough and here’s what it boils down to:

It’s not how hard you work but what you work on.

I think people take pride in putting in 14-16 hour work days. The big question isn’t how are they able to work for so long but what are they working on? I heard Robin Sharma say this, “show me your calendar and I’ll tell you what your priorities are.” And I’ve asked my clients this question as well and the answers simply didn’t justify the inordinate amount of time they were putting into “work.”

The magic happens when we force ourselves to do the things that matter the most in the long run. Cap it off at 8-9 hours a day and see what happens. I’m happy to report that all of former and existing clients are alive and well. Happier for sure.

Not caring is a superpower.

I’ve believe in abundance despite the dark times I’ve been through when there just wasn’t enough. From my experience, I can say that wealth and opulence are in abundance. And so are other people’s opinion. Here’s the interesting part — we care more about other people’s opinion than anything else! No wonder we’re miserable!

The best in the world care less about other people’s opinion and more about what matters to them. They care less about the likes and follows they get on the socials and more about what they’re posting. Remember Martin Luther King Jr’s words, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”? Learn to think of other people’s opinion as the “color of the skin” and your beliefs “the content of character.”

Don’t judge yourself.

We do it all the time. Think about the past few days — how have you spent them? And how do you feel about yourself after realizing how much time you’ve invested in the things that matter? (I want you to really think than read further, so, pause and reflect…) If you’re feeling miserable, it’s probably because you’re judging yourself.

Listen, it’s okay to be not able to clock in 14-16 hours a day. It’s okay to be a little tired because that’s all your body can handle. Missed a workout or training session? You don’t have to kill yourself the next day. It happens. Ate too much? It’s alright. You’re not going to put on fat if you’re not doing it every day. Missed a deadline or a goal you had for yourself? Don’t worry, you can always reset your goals. Screwed something at the workplace? Good, you learned something new. Apologize and share what you learned and move on. Got fired? Great! Now is a great time to start doing what you really wanted to do or look for a job that’s a great fit to your personality and strengths.

Remember, there’s always an answer. And you can find it much faster if you stop judging yourself and get after it (the answer).

Of course, I can go on a crank out a few more points but these matter the most than anything else. They’re interrelated but quite pivotal to your happiness and personal growth.

If this resonates with you, pass on the love to someone else who might need it.

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