The Platinum Rule

We’ve all known the golden rule since time immemorial — “do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.” It’s hard to practice, of course, but it’s a rule that has served the most successful people among us pretty well. Naturally, the not-so-successful people can immensely benefit should they choose to practice it.

The question is, do they? I couldn’t help but reflect on this as I listened to John Maxwell’s address at the International Maxwell Certification this Saturday. And then he mentioned, “well, why not try the Platinum Rule?” Wait. What? What would it look like? Essentially, John’s plea was to make the Golden Rule even better.

The platinum rule states, “do unto others way better than they would do unto you.” Essentially, it’s an improved version of the rule that already exists and goes by: Do unto others as they would want to be done to them. It’s got a business-y bent to it, which is why I like John’s version better; it’s a genuine effort at building an authentic relationship with the other person.

If you’re wondering why this is even important, here’s a fact you should take to heart: how you want to be treated isn’t as important as how you treat others. And you need to trust the process to make it work.

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