Outlearn everyone… just be careful

I’ve been a lifelong learner for a reason — it helps me have the edge over my competition, peers, and myself. I think investing in self-education has been the single most crucial investment decision I’ve taken.

My passion and drive for learning make me overdo things at times, but I’ve found it to be an advantage than otherwise. The best among us love to learn because they know that the more you know, the more they can achieve more. And sure enough, I want to be the best at what I do.

Note that knowing more doesn’t necessarily mean information overload. For example, watching endless streams of motivational content, reading 92 different publications on the global business, or piling book after book (although, that might eventually happen) on your favorite topic might keep you busy all of your waking hours. Which is good in a way, but you will be out of your job!

Learning is about being selective about the type and source of content you consume. While there’s a lot of content out there, your responsibility is to narrow down on the most valuable to your personal and professional growth. Read more of that, not more in general.

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