Time to get back to magic?

Here’s a perspective Seth Godin shared the other day that I love (among the thousand other things he’s already sold me on)! 

Most of the time, the phrase is, “it’s time to get back to work.”

This means it’s time to stop being creative, stop dancing with possibility, stop acquiring new insights and inspiration–and go back to the measurable grind instead.

Maybe we’d be better off saying, “I need to get back to making magic.” Because that’s what we’d like to be getting paid to create.

Seth Godin — Time to get back to magic

I wish more people see their work as an opportunity to create magic than a chore to be dealt with. Irrespective of how exciting the job is! Being employed, especially in 2020, is a chance to do things differently and far better than the last person who had your role. 

Sounds idealistic? Well, try doing nothing and tell me how that goes. 

Now stop reading this and go, make some magic!

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