One small action at a time…

In the hyper-competitive world that we live in, it’s all too easy to get obsessed with winning and big-picture thinking.

Nothing’s wrong with that, except, we forget about the small things that matter the most. You know, the ones that feel too basic, unsexy, and unnecessary because you think it’s beneath your intelligence or skill level. Remember those?

We call them fundamentals.

In the world of martial arts, everyone works their butts off to graduate from the fundamentals to the intermediate or advanced levels. That’s where all the money (maybe), fame, and attention is, right? But for real — do you think one can ever graduate from the fundamentals?

I don’t think so. I believe the small aspects, drills, and details you learn at the fundamental level is what builds a solid foundation for you, in both martial arts and life.

Some wise person once said, “the advanced practitioner is the one who has pushed the limits of fundamentals.” Why on earth would people ignore such a critical aspect of success?

It’s like wanting to win the world championships of our lives but not committing to the practice or training hard for it! And then we wonder why aren’t we able to give our best when it matters the most?

A practitioner respects the process and acknowledges the power of those small details and actions that helps one to build an unshakable foundation eventually.

What about you?

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