You control how you play

I might have watched this clip from the Daily Stoic a thousand times this year! For a good reason — it’s a tangible reminder that whatever the situation, circumstances, or obstacles, how I respond is all that matters. And I can choose my responses.

You control how you play isn’t just for sportspeople or amateur athletes but for everyone who deeply cares about living a fulfilling life. It’s like a defence mechanism that will not only determine how you behave but most importantly, how you think during testing times. And boy, 2020 has tested our patience, resilience, and sanity like anything else.

While I highly recommend watching the whole sub-10-minute video, You Control How You Play is from 2:36 till 5:15. And if you’re like me, I’m sure you will gain as much as I did, watching and re-watching the clip this past year.

Here it goes:

You Control How You Play (from 02:36 – 05:15)

Screw the doubters, haters, and the non-believers. Remember that you control how you play.

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