Tips and tricks for creators by Seth Godin

Here’s a round-up of fantastic tips and tricks from Seth Godin’s latest masterpiece, The Practice, that you should, well, practice every day. 

Now, it’s not for everyone, particularly the wannabes or people who want to “try” things out. There aren’t any shortcuts. I believe each of the 15 tips below will test your commitment to your craft more than anything else. 

If you’re a creator or a leader, don’t just read through the list, embrace it, and most importantly, implement it. 

1. Build streaks. 

2. Do the work every single day. 

3. Blog daily. 

4. Write daily. 

5. Ship daily. 

6. Show up daily. 

7. Find your streak and maintain it. 

8. Talk about your streaks to keep honest. 

9. Seek the smallest viable audience. 

10. Make it for someone, not everyone. 

11. Avoid shortcuts. 

12. Seek the most direct path instead. 

13. Find and embrace the genre. 

14. Seek out desirable difficulty. 

15. Don’t talk about your dreams with people who want to protect you from heartache.

Godin, Seth. The Practice (p., 205). Penguin Books Ltd. Kindle Edition. 

I would add the following to the list:

16. Reflect daily. Think about what can you do better tomorrow to stay committed to this Practice. 

17. Share your experience of implementing this list with like-minded professionals.

18. Share your journey with your minimum viable audience; they will deeply appreciate it. 

If you’re creative, you can come up with your tips and tricks to the list above. The key is to embrace it not as a list of things to do but as guiding principles for creating an amazing body of work. Something that will last way longer than you would. 

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