How victorious leaders figure out a way to win

If you have a hard time accepting defeat, don’t think you’re a poor loser. There’s a strong likelihood that you’re a victorious leader — someone who doesn’t like losing and doesn’t think “giving up” a fight is a valid option.

And they have a knack for figuring out a way for them and their teams to win despite the odds or obstacles at the place. As you can tell, it takes a strong leader and a stronger team to pull off victories consistently. But again, how?

John Maxwell says there are three principles at work here:

  1. Unity of vision: Teams win when members share a unified vision. They must believe in the company’s vision but, most importantly, the leader’s commitment to their success. And the best way to do that is by working one-on-one with the team to discover their personal goals, ambitions, and values and find where they can overlap with the company’s goals and values.
  2. Diversity of skills: An effective team comprises different skillsets, talents, and expertise that complement each other. They should be filling in for your gaps and weaknesses while having the expertise in what they do.
  3. Commit to winning: It’s easy for teams to get gung-ho about their goals for a brief while. But sustaining that enthusiasm by motivating the team and providing them with the right vision, direction and resources is the leader’s responsibility.

There’s a reason I mentioned “commitment” because, for a leader, it takes more than a desire to succeed. And being a victorious leader is a mindset.

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