LinkedIn strategy for 2021

While I am not a massive fan of having social media as the default (or worse, the only) marketing tool, I think LinkedIn deserves a place in every working professional or B2B business’ marketing arsenal. The challenge, however, is that the platform is ever-evolving. And there are times I’ve strongly felt that LinkedIn’s slowly becoming the Facebook for people with jobs.

And that’s why I think you need a better approach for LinkedIn. I know “better” is subjective, but I understand that things don’t have to be complicated. Here are six super-simple tactics that you can try in 2021 to super-charge your presence on LinkedIn. Here it goes:

  1. Do more videos. We’re not talking about LinkedIn Originals but brief clips. For example, if you’ve got a video podcast or interview, clip out a question and follow-up answer that you found profound. Yes, a lot of work, but people find short nuggets of information valuable. You can also do a short video series ranging from 30 seconds to 10 minutes on a particular subject. Here’s some more insight on doing native videos on LinkedIn:
  2. Let’s be honest – your content curation strategy isn’t working because platforms want you to create content natively. So, regardless of how much content you’re “curating,” understand that LinkedIn wants you to create content natively. It doesn’t like people to go away from the platform. Create something that keeps the people on the platform, then take it to yours or someone else’s website.
  3. Plain-text messages are back in vogue; sure, you can use emojis to spice things up, but don’t ignore the simplicity of text messages. People are saturated with the different media types, and sometimes the humble text message helps them break the monotony.
  4. Ask questions. Engage with people by asking for feedback, different points of view, and more information from multiple sources. Treat your audience like real people. Talk to them, have conversations, explore their thoughts, and most importantly, appreciate them being generous enough to share their insights.

And here’s a bonus:

Create a tab titled “In the social media” or “Social Media” or “LinkedIn Vibes” (or whatever floats your boat) on your website and make sure that every single post or article that you put out on LinkedIn is copied and pasted on this page with a backlink to the respective LinkedIn post. I think this is important because you can’t let your content be at the mercy of a platform’s whims and fancies. It’s also a great way to drive traffic to your LinkedIn profile and company page or both.

While the above list might not look like a full-blown LinkedIn content marketing strategy (it’s not) but understand those simple tactics work in almost every case until marketers show up to the party. And now that everyone’s a marketer, it’s wise to explore what everyone is not doing (or have probably forgotten).

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