Your responsibility is unlimited

While I’m not the guy who’s into spiritual discourses, I found myself listening to one yesterday. It’s part of Sadhguru’s Inner Engineering course that I’m working through this month. It was a random decision but one that I don’t regret at all. The course has surprised me by surpassing all my expectations. The man can knock a lot of sense in you!

Yesterday’s session was on Responsibility, which, as we know, is an integral part of our lives. We also know that we’re ultimately responsible for everything that happens to us. But knowing and accepting are two different things because when push comes to shove, we aren’t responsible for any of the things beyond our control, influence, and knowledge.

The mystic decodes “responsibility” into being able to respond. He says that our life is nothing but our ability to respond to anything and everything that affects us. And one’s unwillingness to accept Responsibility usually places barriers in their life by not letting one live fully.

The antidote is to accept that our ability to respond is limitless, which means that our Responsibility is also limitless. That doesn’t mean we are to blame the things that we didn’t have anything to do with. But is 100% responsible for how you respond and puts things in a different light.

For example, if a loved one of yours is in the next room, you’re 100% responsible to them. That percentile doesn’t budge even if they were in another country, miles away from you, correct? Would you be responsible if anything happens to them? No. But are you responsible for them? Yes.

Likewise, you might not feel responsible for the riots on the street. But the dynamics change the moment one of those rioters breaks into your home. You’re responsible for the protection of your family. What would happen if you felt responsible for the riots, to begin with?

Not asking you to “take” Responsibility for the event but to see it as an opportunity to respond. Having that perspective has helped me be ego-less for most of my day and, most importantly, get less angry or stressed with the day’s happenings.

Because if I’m willing to be 100% responsible for whatever’s happening with my life, how the hell can I get angry? It’s just me who’s responsible. And if I’m all alone and angry, I’m must be in bad company. No?

It’s a practice, which doesn’t come naturally to most people. And that’s okay. The idea is to get a perspective on what it means to be living fully. And you can’t live like that if you show up unwilling, which is why the emphasis is on taking up full Responsibility for whatever happens to you. Regardless of how much influence or control you have over the situation.

Sadhguru says, “if you see I’m responsible for what I am right now, you can dream for the life you want tomorrow.” I think I’m getting the hang of what he’s trying to say.

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