You don’t need 8 hours to hire a potential candidate!

I spoke to someone the other day about the need for efficient recruitment and selection processes. She mentioned how her company (a major global player in… I’ll leave it at that) make the candidates go through 6-8 rounds of interviews and assessments to vet out the cream of the crop.

It was puzzling yet painful to hear. How’s that even remotely efficient? We’re talking about associate and analyst level (2-6 years of experience) profiles employers put through a grinder of a selection process! Do we have to spend 8 hours to identify a promising candidate? I don’t think so.

From what I know, the amount of time spent doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of a company’s selection procedure. It sure does reveal a lack of a defined process and a complete lack of understanding of the requirements and, of course, a practical decision-making framework.

More time doesn’t have anything to do with quality, but everything points towards a flawed process. And that’s nothing to boast about.

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