Observations are all that we have

I don’t think I’m smarter, wiser, or any better than the writers, business people, psychologists, or experts out there. And that’s not coming from a place of insecurity but heightened awareness.

I can’t think the way these professionals do, which is highly analytical. That could be because I’m lazy or simply because I don’t feel motivated enough to get into the weeds unless my curiosity is piqued or I observe a pattern.

I purely rely on observations than analysis. The former is what I default to when writing something, presenting on a topic, or even having a conversation (difficult or otherwise) in a myriad of personal and professional settings. Why? Because my life experience is unique compared to the experts out there. It’s valuable to me and helps me see things in a different light than others.

While most of my observations start as questions, it’s important to note that those questions lead me to dig deeper, explore more, curate information, and then begin to dissect, deconstruct, and put it all back together in a form that’s useful to me. And if I feel motivated enough, I will share it with the rest of the world.

The point is this — most of us fear that we will be judged for putting something out in the form of a blog post, podcast, a YouTube video, a creative portfolio, or whatnot. Not because it sucks but because we fear that people might judge us for our lack of experience, knowledge, and ability. And guess what? They might, but would it matter?

Understand that our experiences are unique. Even if you and I have the same set of experiences, I still won’t be able to see (in your mind’s eye) and feel things the way you do. And that’s what makes your perspective special. Your work is and should reflect the sum of all your observations.

I think it’s our moral obligation as human beings to document and share our observations. Not to make “content” but to document the evolution of a human being so others and observe what it’s like to progress in life.

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