Talking about money is never easy

I don’t know about you, but I’m not too fond of conversations about money. It makes me super-uncomfortable and makes me want to hide somewhere. Perhaps, it’s my upbringing or how I’ve always felt about money, probably both.

My parents were stingy (understatement), which made me go the opposite way for some strange reason. Of course, it wasn’t in the right direction, and I had to work hard to improve my financial habits and decisions. It’s still a work in progress and something that I don’t want to think about; I know I will eventually get to the “perfect” place I’m seeking — to have enough to not worry about it.

So, it gets confining when someone slips in a money-related issue or wants to have a money-related conversation. But if you were to look at these conversations from a 10,000-foot view, you’ll realize that each one of them is a story in itself.

There’s always a protagonist, an antagonist, a side-to-pick, a judgment to make, an evaluation to follow, a conflict to deal with, and whatnot. And amidst all the chaos lies the opportunity at hand.

Now, that could be an opportunity to learn, improve, think better, or even earn slightly more, something that’s much better than before nonetheless. But it’s under-appreciated because it isn’t in the shape or form we thought it would be.

That doesn’t make the opportunity any less significant; it’s just less exciting. And in the bigger scheme of things, that’s okay.

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