My publishing strategy from 2015 and what I’ve learned from it

Alright, I have no intention of turning back the time, but the past few days, I’ve been going over my notes from yesteryears, and I now realise that I had grossly underestimated myself.

Check this out:

Publishing Strategy

  • Blog continuously for the next six months (aim for 12-15 articles, possibly more)
  • January 1, 2015—repost one of the articles on, update your profile with your blog address (
  • Think about a mighty brand name for the blog: Marketing Simplified?
  • The blog will also have general topics on leadership from a marketer’s perspective

When I started blogging professionally in 2015, my ambitions were pretty low. I was trying many things and didn’t realise the value of simplifying things for my own sake. And I’m pretty sure you noticed that I aimed to only publish a dozen articles in 6 months, compared to what I have been doing since January 1, 2018 — post every day.

There’s a massive difference between 12 and 365 posts. How did I do it? I stopped getting in my way. Instead of trying many different things, I focused on showing up and posting my thoughts on the blog and LinkedIn if time permits. And I follow this practice even today; the blog remains my priority before anything else.

Few of my friends have made creating content on LinkedIn their go-to strategy. Some have turned to YouTube and Facebook Pages for the same, but since it’s on a platform they don’t own, they make it a point by curating their content onto their website. That’s an intelligent strategy.

I know Chris Do, from theFutur, recommends having exclusive content on each of the platforms you’re on, but I think it’s feasible only when you have a bigger team to support content creation. For the regular folks, the publishing/content creation strategy should be simple and focused, as trying to do-it-all might stifle your potential and progress.

The key is to start small, stay focused, and grow your body of work overtime.

P.S. My content marketing days might have been behind me (and thank God for that!), but creating and curating content is still something that fascinates me. It truly is an art that people don’t appreciate often.

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