Life rules accordingly to The Kominsky Method

Last evening, I wrapped up the third (and final, I think) season of the Netflix dramedy, The Kominsky Method. I loved the series for its ingenuity, class, and a whole lot of heart that pours through each of the 22 episodes that I’ve watched over the past three weeks. It’s been fun.

As I’ve been recommending the series to my friends, I realise it’s not for everyone, given the comments that range from — “it’s a bit too old for me” to “oh, ageing, not what I want to know about right now.” Sure, I understand. I don’t know how on earth the 34-40-year-old demography is still considered young? We’re near about half-time, aren’t we?

Sorry, I digress, but I loved the show and would recommend it to anyone who’s seeking a bit of fun while staying grounded in reality and even learning a bunch of life lessons. I learned and was reminded of a few while watching the series, including the following:

  1. If you like or love someone, don’t act like you don’t; express it. You’ll forever be thankful to yourself for charting a journey that might last a lifetime.
  2. Ride the horse in the direction it’s going. This was a line from the series. A new spin to “going-with-the-flow,” but delivered powerfully. Resisting the general direction of flow is a waste of energy, and it doesn’t allow us to experience the moment.
  3. Own your mistakes by making amends. “I wasn’t a good husband” is a simple but profound explanation that Sandy (the lead character) would tell anyone who asks why it didn’t your marriage workout. While it takes courage, discipline, and humility to own our mistakes, doing so is the shortest path to making amends with your past.
  4. It’s okay to laugh at yourself; and others as long as you’re not being mean. We take ourselves too seriously, and life’s too short for all that BS, unfortunately. The secret of rejoicing every living moment of your life is accepting yourself and having a good sense of humour.

As I mentioned before, I loved the show and recommend that you take the time to watch it too. It might give you a different perspective about life, wit, and wisdom.

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