Writing and speaking are powerful but sharing is a superpower!

While reflecting on the importance of writing and speaking (solo or with a partner via my podcast) in the bigger scheme of things, I had a profound realization — these aren’t random marketing/personal branding activities for me, but practices that I enjoy. There’s a much deeper emotional connection than merely writing words or speaking, some that may (or may not) resonate with others.

It’s the way I communicate my thoughts to myself and others. It is how I assert, evaluate, and question my own beliefs. It’s how I can be at peace with myself. It’s how I feel powerful for who I am as a person. It’s what makes me human, for the exercise helps me think better for a positive change in my own life, and perhaps, in the lives of the ones around me.

Of course, I’m no Shakespeare or Seth Godin by any measure, but that’s precisely the point — I am okay with it because what makes me unique are my points of view. The ones I truly own, assert, firmly hold, and share shamelessly. There’s no obligation to impress or entertain anyone.

But it’s my moral duty to express myself as a person, and that’s what I intend to do with my preferred communication tools — writing and speaking. And if you’re reading this, you probably bumped into this piece while searching for something on the internet or got notified because you’re subscribed to my blog or heck, some well-wisher shared it with you.

Honestly, how you got to this post doesn’t matter; what does is that you’re reading this right now. And I hope this reflection inspires you to find your voice, find your superpower and share it with the world. Because you see, our powers are minimal if we keep them to ourselves, but their efficacy is amplified when we share it with others.

So, the question isn’t what I want to write about or speak on but what’s on my mind today or what matters to me today? Starting with yourself is the surest way to demonstrate “thought leadership.” To be clear — your thoughts, ideas, arguments, and points of view.

When are you getting started?

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