Some days…

Some days…

I don’t feel like waking up in the morning and doing the “work.”
I feel like an imposter trying to do things to keep up with other imposters.
I question if what I do has any purpose or value at all!
I don’t think I have any ideas worth sharing.
I hate myself for not meeting my commitments, not owning up to my mistakes, and not giving my best.
I feel miserable for not getting anything significant done.
I oversleep.
I barely get enough sleep.
I overeat.
I barely eat enough.
I’m exhausted with all the work that I accomplish.
I’m exhausted with all the physical activities/exercise that I do.
I am irresponsible with my finances… enough to make a dent for a couple of months.
I don’t spend enough time with my family.
I don’t feel like talking to anyone.
I don’t feel like caring about anything in the world.
I feel like I can achieve anything that I set my heart on.
I feel purposeless, a wandering generality, wading my way through life.
I feel like I’m on a mission to be the best and do the impossible.
I know I contradict myself… like this list you’ve been reading. But such is life. And so is being human. No days are the same. And what I feel today may not be the way I feel tomorrow.

The question is — can you live with that?

By sunilnairhq

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