Stop obsessing about your morning routine

Most success wannabes are addicted to tweaking, refining, and “optimizing” their morning routines. Because they’ve been sold on the idea that “successful people are a product of their habits and routines.” While that might be true, none of the successful people is as obsessed with their morning routines as those who chase success. Ironical.

Full disclosure: I have been monomaniacally obsessed with my routines and habits for years! But the older I get, the more I realize that there’s more to life than just morning routines. And it sure isn’t the blueprint for “success.” Nor is it the stepping stone. Nope.

People have done exceptionally well in life for ages without following any routines. They focused on the one thing that matters the most — their life’s work. They may/may not have followed a specific methodology to achieve all they did in life because the nuances matter a lot less than their ability to stay focused on their mission.

And here we are dissecting these people’s lives, looking for clues, some blueprint because someone told us that “success leaves clues.” Yeah, dream on. Don’t do any work. Just keep dreaming and experimenting with your “morning routine.” Maybe all that meditation and visualization will help you get things done. Who knows?

If you’re in for a reality check, here it is — what you do in your morning hours depends on your life’s biggest priority. So, if it’s work, that could be more reading, study, research, or even exercise (or meditation or both, but I have a theory about that). If it’s family, you will ensure that you spend time with your loved ones before shifting your focus to your professional priorities. Or heck, make the time to exercise because you want to live longer for your family’s sake!

And before you start arguing about the importance of journaling, meditation, or exercises for visualization or ‘setting intentions,’ I want to say this — they are all tools; use them when you need them. But if you’re the one who needs them every day, the chances are that you’re letting the tools use you instead of the other way around.

I have had powerful meditative and reflective experiences while reading, studying, or exercising, something I haven’t had with all the things that the new-age B.S. success gurus tell you to do. Journaling may be an exception, but I don’t need to do it every day. Why? It’s a tool, and I use it when I need it. Freaking out just because I’m not able to use a tool is a stupid way to live your life.

Of course, this is food for thought. You’re free to disagree with me or hire a contract killer to shut me up forever (if that makes you happy). But have the courage to face reality — the routines won’t help you achieve the success you’re seeking. Focusing on the right things will.

If you’re wondering what the heck are you going to do now in the morning hours, consider learning or even better exercising, because that’s the hardest thing to do in the evenings, especially by yourself. After that, take the time for your loved ones*. And then, do the work. Get after it!

P.S. *yeah, you can call it a “morning routine,” I call it ‘stuff to do before work.’ It doesn’t matter. The idea is not to waste time and do what you can’t do later in the day. Don’t overthink this.

P.P.S. Writing this rant reminds me why I so hate “success.” I might have thrown up a dozen times while mentioning it in this post.

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