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Hi, there! My name is Sunil Nair and I would love to say I’m a jack-of-all-trades but that’s not entirely true. I’m a little too focused than a true-blue generalist. So, it’s fair to say that I’m a little too complex to be classified.

I have multiple interests and love the challenge of wearing multiple hats. Right now, these are my biggest priorities:

  1. Leading an international hybrid marketing agency that provides recruitment, staffing and marketing support services to Fortune 500 clients
  2. Executive Coaching (including Gallup Strengths and Stakeholder Centered coaching) and Organizational Development consulting
  3. Strength training instructor — barbells, kettlebells, and body weight
  4. This blog
  5. My podcast (work in progress, the link and title will be updated in due time)

I know what you’re thinking — it’s way too diverse! Could be but my mission in life is to help people and organizations get unstuck and unlock their potential to make this world a better place.

And I think where I am right now is exactly where I should be. Check back in 5 years and things just might change… or perhaps, it won’t.

I’m a lifelong learner who’s deeply passionate about learning about the history of the world, the people around us and what makes them tick. I’m also an ambivert (Introvert + Extrovert… more introvert, but people have a hard time believing that).

I wish I could write more but this is about the longest I can talk or write about myself. But if you would like to get to know me, I highly encourage that you check out my blog for more insights on life, leadership and beyond.