Having the experience doesn’t mean you’re entitled

I’m in the middle of yet another recruitment campaign. As with all the ones I’ve administered, this one too has its stories to be shared. The latest of which is an interaction with an experienced candidate who’s applying for an independent contractor position. I went through his profile and writer’s portfolio. Was quite impressed by […]

On progress

One of the best things about my BJJ practice is the instant feedback that I get during practice. I have been out of action due to ear hematoma the past three weeks. So, obviously, practice or even going to the gym wasn’t an option. I couldn’t train at home as it would make me sweat […]

How overthinking can fail you as a leader

Last evening I decided to journal my thoughts in long-hand. It’s something I used to do every day but haven’t been lately. I remember the last time I did this — December 2018. Exactly a year ago. And boy, did I not accomplish most things I thought I would. Except, of course, a few exceptions […]

A leader’s vision is always bought, not sold

Regardless of the size of the team or teams you’re leading, one of your greatest challenges as a leader will be to have the people buying into your vision. Because you cannot sell it to them.  Shoving your vision down their throat isn’t really helpful. It might get some work done but it sure will […]

Switching back to PC for good?

My MacBook Pro has gone into service. It’s close to 5 years old now and has been prompting me to get the battery replaced for sometime now. It’s an expensive replacement but it’s Apple. What else can you expect?  Nonetheless, the situation forced me to look for a replacement laptop. My office inventory didn’t have […]

You’ve got to keep moving

Early this year I experimented with going through multiple countries over a 22 day stretch. It was exhausting so much so that I began questioning the real motive behind my world domination (visit a 100 countries in the world before I turn 50…) strategy.  Honestly, I couldn’t answer it back then. And I still can’t. […]

Confessions of a workaholic solo traveler

I’m don’t hustle like the many who wear in on their sleeves. I don’t even have entrepreneurial dreams*. One of my lifetime ambitions is to travel to each and every country in the world. And the worst part is that I don’t have a strong ‘why’ behind it. It’s just something I want to do. […]

Mastermind Groups: not what you think it is

It’s not a marketing funnel.It’s not a group to pitch, up sell, or even network (although you end up with lifetime of deep connections). It’s not a forum to post your random thoughts, rants, or favorite motivational video (cat videos included, if that moves you) like you do on your favorite WhatsApp, LinkedIn, or Facebook groups. It’s […]