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Own your outcomes

Two aspects of life that I find undeniably universal: The circumstances that we’re born into (family, wealth, or status), accidents, illnesses, and natural catastrophes are beyond our influence or control. Our lives can be so much better if we only focus on the decisions we make and the responsibilities we take for the outcomes (whether […]

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Sticking it out… no matter what

I concluded my first ever public mastermind workshop last weekend. Actually, I had two groups one meeting on Saturday and another on Sunday. And I must say this — I loved each and every moment of it, despite the disappointing participation. I know, that’s to except during the times when everyone’s so exhausted with Zoom […]

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Your life in weeks

The best gift you can ever give yourself is this 4,000-weeks poster. What is it? Well, it’s a long story and only Tim Urban can explain in an entertaining manner. But the gist is this — the poster has 4000 boxes corresponding to each week in the average 88-year lifespan. You simply fill out every […]

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Oh my data!

So, we’ve banned a bunch of Chinese apps the past few days and are now worried about the ones “stealing” our data. More precisely — apps that are collecting user data, which at this point is even silly to consider. Why? Besides the exceptions, there isn’t a single app out there that isn’t tracking user […]

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On taking back the mornings

I read Joshua’s post on Taking Back the Morning the other day and he opened with this statement: If the best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup, then something’s wrong. Taking Back the Morning And it got me thinking — you see, for me, the best part of waking up is my […]

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My experiments with extreme leadership

First off, there’s no such thing called “extreme leadership.” I just made it up — combining Extreme Ownership and The Dichotomy of Leadership. And I know, it’s an overkill. But fusing concepts from the two books was difficult but definitely an experience. An even greater experience was practicing it. It was hard. Extreme leadership is […]

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The 5-Step process to get what you want out of life

I’ve been rereading Ray Dalio’s Principles to extract some of the hidden gems I might have left out when I read it a couple of years back. And here’s one that I can’t believe I didn’t highlight or already share with you previously — the 5-step process to achieve whatever you want in life! It’s […]

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Finish what you started

While I might not be the greatest example for someone who always finishes what he starts, I certainly am someone who has worked on this exact skill for the past few years. I can’t ever think of myself as an expert in this area but my success rate has significantly improved over the past few […]

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Don’t shove down your values into other people’s throat

I’ve spoken, written, and debated about the importance of values and how different it is from principles at length. So, I’m not going to get into it right now. But there’s one observation that’s worth talk about because I see it quite often — managers and leaders enforcing their values on to their team members. […]

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No pain, no gain

If pushing the limits helps you gain strength and the process of acquiring strength involves pain, logically pain is good for you. Right? Unfortunately, we weren’t wired to think that way. We can’t stand pain. In fact, we run away from pain let alone embrace it. Someone wise once said, “Pain + Reflection = Progress.” […]