And I thought this would be easy?

My mind’s busting with numbers, calculations, terminologies, and whatnot. So much so that I can’t seem to blurt out one comprehensive word! Right this moment, I’m thinking about the volume distribution of a preparatory phase training program for a beginner. Need to design one too! If that sounds complicated, believe me. It is! Now I […]

Dazed and confused

One of the first things I looked for after reaching Incheon (Seoul) was a Starbucks. And I found it… not just one, but many sprawled across the city. It truly is one of the most stunning places I’ve visited in recent years. I’m just inspired and awestruck each time I get to another corner of […]

Stop sowing, let the seeds reap

I’m all set to take off to South Korea. For yet another training and development program. This time in powerlifting/strength training. I’d been eager to sign up for this until I really did a couple of weeks back. Needless to say, I’m stoked! Really looking forward to learning a lot and apply to my business. […]

What slows down momentum?

Yesterday I spoke about one of my favorite topics — building momentum. And honestly, I didn’t think I didn’t a great job covering off all the important aspects of building, maintaining and obstacles to momentum. Let’s face it — we want to slow down in life but would always appreciate having that sense of momentum in […]

Start light… always

I finally got to the gym after an 8-day uncalled, unplanned and totally unnecessary (but had to live with it nonetheless) break. And as my logic would permit, I would go back three weeks into my training cycle (same weights and lower intensity). A huge mistake. Four hours later my legs and back are so […]

Should you work for free?

YES! Absolutely! Working for free is the best tradeoff you can make for the initial phase of your career as a freelancer or a wantrepreneur. Some would emphatically disagree, but that’s okay. For me, I would like to ensure that the work that I do for free is as good or even better than the paid […]

Mastering Discomfort

An excerpt from Leo Babauta’s Discomfort Zone: How to Master the Universe published on his blog. It’s ones of those old-but-evergreen posts that one should read at times of distress. Like I am today — traveling back home on a train. My daughter’s yelling (on a sugar rush… we didn’t really mean to give her chocolates but […]