Want to change? Great! But for whom?

Everyone wants to change for either something or someone. Changing for something (goals, vision, and the whole enchilada) is a great intent. And if you are up for it, good luck to you! Changing for someone (your spouse, employer, friends, parents or the significant other) is a different beast altogether. Not that it’s impossible to do. It […]

Don’t be a “shoulda-head”

Was scrolling through my “promotional” emails (thanks, Gmail! Are you even listening?) this afternoon before bumping into this nugget by Brain Johnson from Optimize. Here’s a snippet: He (Rory Vaden) says: “I believe it is that 1 degree that is the minuscule, almost unnoticeable, nearly invisible, yet the tantamount difference between choosing an attitude that […]

The trust loop…

Trust (verb): believe in the reliability, truth, or ability of. (source: Google) It’s a loop. You have to give first to receive it. And it’s a must for leaders who desire to be influential. It’s funny, however, when I hear them whine about their teams who’re not capable or live up to their expectations. Why would […]

To each his own

Was going through a pile of promotional emails (thanks, Gmail! I still read most of these emails, particularly the ones sent by individuals!) and stumbled onto a piece of text that got me thinking. I read a story about Dave Mustaine. He got kicked out of a band and dedicated his life to making his […]

Everyone’s got a plan…

Until they get punched in the face. Love Mike Tyson for giving us a piece of his mind. And I quite expect him to. He’s been through it all it seems. I quite relate to the aphorism in athletics. Powerlifting to be specific. We’ve got grandiose plans to max out every 12 weeks or perhaps […]

Public commitments

Are a bad idea. At least for me. And I’m quite unsure why I despise them. I know they work. For most people. Or at least the ones who seem to be making them. Countless folks make public commitments only to trail off after some time. Thanks for the public’s short-term memory, the world doesn’t […]

How far can you go?

If that’s got you thinking, great! Because it’s one of those rare questions we’ve ever considered asking ourselves. Or perhaps, we’re plainly scared to face the reality and end up actually doing the work. You know what I’m referring to. The grandiose goals that you have for yourself or your company or your team. You’re […]